Release Notes for Update 3 for RTX64 3.7

This update adds support for Windows 10 Feature Update Version 2004 and resolves various issues as detailed below. This is a cumulative update that contains all of the fixes included in Update 1 and Update 2 for RTX64 3.7.

New Features

NOTE: Due to changes in Windows 10 Feature Update Version 2004 and how RTSS is able to communicate with Windows, RTSS-to-Windows interaction is several times slower than with other supported Windows 10 updates. As a result, you may notice slower interactions between RTSS and Windows, such as during inter process communication (IPC) between an RTSS process and Windows process, or when using the RTX64 Virtual Network. Slower Virtual Network performance is more likely to occur on systems where only one processor is assigned to Windows.

IMPORTANT! You must install the latest HASP driver before you can use Update 3 for RTX64 3.7 with Windows 10 Update Version 2004.

Issues Resolved

Known Issues